A stress or special emphasis on a beat to mark its position in the measure;The mark in the written music indicating an accent. There are five basic accents, staccato accents, staccatissimo accents, normal accents, strong accents, and legato accents with several combinations possible;The principle of regularly recurring stresses which serve to give rhythm to the music.Percussive AccentsPressure AccentStaccatoStaccatissimoStrong AccentNormal AccentLegato AccentLight AccentsStrong AccentMedium AccentsAccent NameDescriptionStaccato Accentshort and separated from the following noteStaccatissimo Accentan exaggerated short duration of the noteStrong Accentgenerally meant for attacks at loud dynamic levels of forte or louderNormal Accentmoderately sharp attack that can be used at any dynamic level from pianissimo to fortissimoLegato Accentthis can be used at any dynamic level and is a slight stress without a noticeable attack and held to the full duration of the noteCombined AccentsStrong & StaccatoStrong & LegatoStrong & StaccatissimoLegato & StaccatoLegato & StaccatissimoNormal & StaccatoNormal & LegatoNormal & StaccatissimoStrong AccentsMedium AccentsAccent NameDescriptionStrong & Staccato Accents very percussive and shorter duration than notated Strong & Legato Accentsvery percussive while retaining full duration of notationStrong & Staccatissimo Accentsstrongest percussive attack possible with an exaggerated short durationLegato & Staccato Accentsstressed and moderately short, separated from next noteLegato and Staccatissimostressed and quite shortNormal & Staccato Accentsmoderately percussive and shortNormal & Legato Accent smoderately percussive with full note durationNormal & Staccatissimo Accentsmoderately percussive with short note duration An accent is an emphasis on one note. Accents come in three types: dynamic, agogic, and tonic. This is the accent symbol <.(1) attack the note louder (2) emphasis on a particular musical beat or sub-beat<br><br>An accent is an emphasis on one note. Accents come in three types: dynamic, agogic, and tonic. This is the accent symbol <

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