Auxiliary percussion


A common sub-classification of percussion instruments that is comprised of "toys" or special sound effects. Some of these instruments are tuned (able to produce a specific pitch) and others are untuned (unable to produce a specific pitch), but all of them are notated without specific pitches. Their main function is to provide a sound that is either comical or meant to simulate a known sound. Auxiliary percussion instruments include: Auxillary Percussion Aerophones Free-Aerophones Acme Siren (Police Siren) Edge-blown Aerophones Bird Whistle Boat Whistle Police Whistle Train Whistle Idiophones Concussion Ideophones Finger Cymbals Slapstick Marching machine Friction Idiophones Wind Machine Percussion Idiophones Flex-A-Tone Temple Blocks Triangle Wood Block Plucked Ideophones Jew's Harp (can also be classified as a free-reed aerophone) Scraped Idiophones Ratchet Sandpaper Blocks Shaken Idiophones Rattle Sleigh Bells Tambourine (also can be membranophone) Thunder Machine Vibra-Slap

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