A variety of percussion instruments that emit a ringing sound when struck. A. Cup-shaped bellsA hollow, cup-shaped (typically metal) object, set in vibration by a clapper inside or a hammer outside sruck on the rim. Cowbells are quadralateral bells that are similarly set in vibration by a clapper inside or a hammer outside sruck on the rim.B. Metal BarsThe orchestra bells is set of small metal bars of different lengths arranged in two rows similar to a keyboard without resonators. It is used in the orchestra or band, and set into vibration with small, hard mallets. The marching version is held upright and supported by a strap around the performer's waist and is called a glockenspiel or bell lyre.C. Tubular BellsThe chimes or tubular bells are a set of tuned tubes of different lengths set into vibration with hard mallets or hammers. They are very resonant and typically have a mechanical dampers.D. Pellet bellsSmall spherical bells with slits that surround a loose pebble or bit of metal that rattles when the bell is shaken. Sleigh bells are a row or rows of pellet bells mounted on a piece of wood or on a harness.The flaring end of many instruments such as the clarinet or the French horn is also called a bell.shaped opening of wind instrument. percussion instrument sounded by moving a clapper inside or by being struck on the outside<br><br>The end of the air-column furthest from the mouthpiece

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