The term Berceuse is a French term meaning "cradle song" or lullaby. Specifically, this is a song sung (or performed) to soothe a child to sleep. The instrumental lullaby (most often for piano) is based on Frederick Chopin's Berceuse opus 57 and is characterized by a rhythmic ostinato that suggests a gentle and steady rocking feel. Many composers have written in this genre including Frederic Chopin, Robert Schumann, Johannes Brahms, Franz Liszt, Edvard Grieg, Claude Debussy along with many others. Also [Eng.] lullaby, [Ger.] Wiegenlied.a cradle-song or lullaby, in lilting triple or compound time. the most famous example of the use of this title is by Chopin, who wrote one berceuse, followed by Liszt