Concert band


An instrumental ensemble ranging from forty to eighty musicians or more, consisting of woodwind, brass and percussion instruments. The modern concert band or symphonic band may include: WOODWINDS BRASS PERCUSSION Piccolo Flutes Oboes English horn * Eb Clarinets * BbClarinets Alto Clarinet Bass Clarinet Contrabass Clarinet * Alto Saxophones Tenor Saxophones Baritone Saxophone Bassoons Contrabassoon Horns Cornets Trumpets Flugelhorns * Trombones Baritone horns Euphoniums Tuba Bass Drum Snare Drum Crash Cymbals Tympani Pitched Percussion Unpitched Percussion Harp * String Bass * Piano * * This is an instrument not always found in a typical concert band or symphonic band. Occasionally parts are written for these instruments and the large amateur or professional band will try to be faithful to the composer's wishes.a band, consisting of woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments, as well as double bass and saxophone. in Europe, often called a wind band or symphonic wind ensemble