Any physical movements done to music; also, specified steps or movements done in unison with specific music. Throughout the history of music, different dance types were especially popular at different times; In the Renaissance and Baroque eras, the suite was invented and developed. The earliest suite has been dated 1557. By the 1620's, a standard format was developed for the suite, consisting of the allemande, the courante, and the sarabande. At about 1650, the gigue was added to the suite, and by the end of the 17th century, the suite had a standard pattern and order. The ballet was another popular form of dance, first developed in France in the late 16th century. The ballet is generally a story told entirely through music and dance.See also [Eng.] dance; [Fr.] danse; [Ger.] Tanz; [It.] danza; [Sp.] danza.a way of expressing emotions by movement. there are a wide variety of styles, forms, and techniques. All dance is accompanied by some form of music