Double bass


The bass member of the violin family. The double bass differs from the rest of the instruments in its family in that it is a descendant of the viola da gamba family rather than of the viola da braccio. It has sloping shoulders and four strings, and has a range from C below the bass clef to B -flat in the treble clef, and, through the use of harmonics, is even able to reach the G above that. The bow of this instrument is comparatively short, and the strings are rather thick, producing a rich, deep sound. This instrument is also called contrabass and bass viol.Also [Eng.] double bass; [Fr.] contrebasse; [Ger.] Kontrabass; [It.] contrabasso; [Sp.] violon.this is the largest stringed instrument of the orchestra, with the lowest range. It has four or five strings and is played with a bow. There are generally eight in a symphony orchestra. The double bass is also used, generally plucked in, in jazz and dance music to provide or stress the rhythm<br><br>The use of two bass drums with a drum set. Double bass drumming can also be played with a twin pedal or double bass pedal and just one bass drum. Visit Drums Database to learn some double bass beats.

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