Double whole rest


The rest with the longest duration in Western music notation. Although, the double whole is the longest duration, it is uncommon for it to be used in today's music. However, it is commonly found in music notation through the late Renaissance. In common time ( 4/4, C), the double whole rest has a value of eight beats. The double whole rest is twice the duration of the whole rest, four times the duration of the half rest, eight times the duration of the quarter rest, sixteen times the duration of the eighth rest, thirty-two times the duration of the sixteenth rest, sixty-four times the duration of the thirty-second rest, 128 times the duration of the sixty-fourth rest, and 256 times the duration of the one hundred and twenty-eighth rest.See also [Am.] Double whole rest;[Fr.] Double-pause;[Br.] Breve rest;[Ger.] Doppelganze Pause;[It.] Pausa di breve; [Sp.] Pausas de Cuadrada.

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