The loudness or softness of a composition. The term piano ( p) is used to indicate softness and forte ( f) to indicate loudness. Each of these is augmented if the letter symbolizing it is doubled or tripled (e.g. " pp " - " pianissimo ", "very soft"; " ppp " - " pianississimo ", "very, very soft"). Each is also lessened if proceeded by mezzo (m) (e.g. " mf " - " mezzo forte ", "somewhat loud"). sAlso included in dynamics are the crescendo ("slowly growing louder"), decrescendo ("slowly growing softer"), and the sforzando ("sudden loudness"). Varying intensities of sound throughout a given musical composition. (Piano, Mezzo Piano, Forte, etc.) refers to the relative volumes in the execution of a piece of music<br><br>Playing soft to loud on the drums.<br><br>Degrees of loudness or softness in a musical performance.<br><br>1) The amount of fluctuation in level of an audio signal. 2) In music, the playing of instruments loudly or softly at different times.