F clef


Also known as the bass clef, the F clef is used to indicate pitches sbelow middle C. The pitch " f" is indicated by placing a note on the 4th line. Originally the clef designation of " F" came about through the use of sthe letter " F" at the end of the staff to indicate the position of the spitch " f". The modern bass clef sign is, in fact, a fancy letter F with two dots that are on either side of the staff line where the pitch of F is located. The rarely used baritone clef places the note " f" on the third line of the staff.Also [Fr.] Clef de fa, [Ger.] F-Schlussel, [It.] Chiave di basso.F clefs - Bass clef; Baritone clef.(Bass Clef) The line or space between the dots in this clef denotes F below middle C, or approximately 175 Hz. Positioned here, it makes the second line from the top of the staff F below middle C, and is called a "bass clef." This clef appears nearly as often as the treble clef, especially in choral music, where it represents the bass and baritone voices.

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