A woodwind instrument that is held horizontally and sounded by blowing across the mouthpiece of the instrument, much like blowing into a bottle to produce a tone. It consists mainly of a cylindrical tube 66 cm. long and 2 cm in diameter. The modern flute is made of metal and is a non-transposing instrument with a range of middle C to C three octaves above that, sometimes more.See also piccolo; alto flute; bass flute.Also [Eng.] flute; [Fr.] fl'te; [Ger.] Fl'te; [It.] flauto; [Sp.] flauta.PiccoloLeblanc CorporationFluteLeblanc Corporationthe word flute may indicate a variety of wind instruments without reeds. The modern orchestra makes use of transverse flutes, augmented as necessary by a smaller transverse flute known as a piccolo and very occasionally by a larger instrument, the alto or bass flute, pitched a fourth lower

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