A plucked stringed instrument extremely popular today, especially among folk and rock musicians. The guitar has six strings, frets (usually 19), a shape something between pear-shaped and a figure eight, a round sound hole, and usually a flat-backed soundbox. The standard tuning of the strings is E, A, d, g, b, e' .See also electric guitar. the modern concert guitar is a plucked string instrument generally with six strings. The instrument has a long history, in one form or another. in more recent times it became popular in Vienna in the early 19th century with the work of the Italian composer and guitarist Mauro Giuliani and in Paris with the Catalan Fernando Sor. In Spain it was the national instrument. The player Andres Segovia had a strong influence on the form of the modern guitar, the repertoire of which now includes fine concertos by the composers Joaquin Rodrigo, Manuel Ponce, Villa-Lobos, Castelnuovo-Tedesco and others.