Lusingando is an Italian word that translates to &acirc;&#128;&#156;flattering&acirc;&#128;&#157;. In music it is a directive to perform certain passage of a composition in a coaxing, caressing, flattering, or alluring style. Lusingando is somewhat similar to the musical directive Amoroso. <br><br>To further define Lusingando in an Italian context, the Italian word 'Lusingare' is to convince someone of something with words, actions, or music as in the phrase "Lui ha attirato con lusinghe di cariche politiche" (He has been drawn by the allurements of political office). There's also the slight connotation of exaggeration: "Ha ceduto alle lusinghe di felicit&Atilde;&nbsp; eterna, ma la realt&Atilde;&nbsp; si &Atilde;&uml; rivelata diversa" (He succumbed to the lure of eternal happiness, but the reality turned out to be different).<br><br>A very good example of lusingando can be heard in the Quartet, op. 131 by Beethoven. Another fine example is Weber's Piano Sonata op. 4, occurring in the first movement.<br>