A device used by a percussion player to strike the instrument. It typically has the appearance of a light hammer with a small, rounded or spherical head used to play certain percussion instruments ( marimba, xylophone, orchestra bells, chimes etc.). The head will come in a variety of materials of varying hardness to produce a wide range of timbres on the instrument. Head materials range from soft cloth to yarn to soft or hard rubber to hard wood.Also see stick. Table of Some Common Percussion MalletsBass Drum Mallet - Soft cloth covered headOrchestra Bells Mallets - Hard brass spherical headChimes Mallet - Cowhide hammer headMarimba/Xylophone Mallets - Yarn headTimpani Hard Mallets - Wood spherical headTimpani Soft Mallets - Soft cotton covered head<br><br>A type of drumstick used to strike a percussion instrument; particularly a bell instrument such as the marimba or xylophone.

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