Measure of time; arrangement of poetical feet; the grouping of beats into regular patterns. The organization of rhythmic patterns in a composition in such a way that a regular, repeating pulse of beats may continue throughout the composition. the organization of some music into predictable units of accents and beats. In duple meter, the main stress falls every other beat, while in triple meter the main stress falls once every three beats. Medieval music did not use bar lines or have modern-day expectations of emphasis, but much of the music from the late twelfth century and after did have regular meter. The system of regularly recurring pulses, they are most often grouped by periodic accents.the pattern of regular pulses defining a composition. the meter is indicated by the two numbers at the beginning, and the patterns are marked by bar lines<br><br>The system of regularly recurring pulses, they are most often grouped by periodic accents<br><br>A device which measures or compares the electrical signal/signals; often used to read the voltage level of audio signals.

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