A notational symbol used to represent the duration of a sound and, when placed on a music staff, to also indicate the pitch of the sound. Also see Notation.Also [Eng.] note; [Fr.] note; [Ger.] Note; [It.] nota; [Sp.] nota.a note in English is either a single sound or its representation in notation. American English refers to a single sound as a tone, following German practice<br><br>The ISO standard excludes this last requirement. One should indicate however in the test report, the frequencies a which a difference of 8 dB or more occurs between the noise reduction curve and the STC contour.When the STC contour is positioned in such a way that these two requirements are satisfied the sound transmission class can be obtained by reading the transmission loss value at the intersection of the STC contour at the frequency of 500 Hz. This value corresponds to the STC of the partition.