Of or relating to sight; visual. Optics can more specifically refer to instruments designed to assist sight, or uses of light-sensitive devices, such as eyes, cameras, photo-electric cells, etc.Also see afterimage, anamorphosis, art, artist, binocular vision, blind spot, colorblindness, definition, elements of art, filter, fish-eye lens, gestalt, interdisciplinary, kaleidoscope, lens, magic lantern, moir?, night blindness or nyctalopia, opaque projector, Op Art, ophthalmology, optical illusion, optical mixing, perception, peripheral vision, photography, photoreceptors, principles of design, push and pull, refraction, science and art, seeing, stereoscopic vision, subliminal message or subliminal advertising, telephoto lens, telescope, wide-angle lens, visual qualities, zoetrope, and zoopraxiscope.