A group of musicians who perform on a variety of instruments. Within Western art, the term is most commonly applied to the symphony orchestra. The modern symphony orchestra instrumentation includes:Strings Woodwinds Brass Percussion18- 1st Violins14 - 2nd Violins12 - Violas12 - Cellos8 - Double Basses 4 - Flutes3 - Oboes1 - English Horn3 - Clarinets1 - Bass Clarinet3 - Bassoons1 - Contrabassoon5 - French Horns4 - Trumpets3 - Trombones1 - Tuba2 - Timpani 3 - Untuned Percussion1 - Tuned Percussion2 - Harps The actual instrumentation of the symphony orchestra is dictated by the composer's indications in the score. In fact, on any given performance of a symphony orchestra, the instrumentation may change on every composition performed. The instrumentation shown above is the result of dramatic changes throughout the centuries. There has been a great expansion from the Baroque orchestra to the modern symphony orchestra.a large ensemble of players of musical instruments, generally including the following sections. strings, made up of violins, violas and double basses; wind, subdivided into woodwind and brass; and percussion; plus, very often, a harp. a symphony orchestra is capable of playing symphonies; a chamber orchestra is much smaller