A rest or fermata.Also [Eng.] hold or [Eng.] bird's eye; [Fr.] pauses or [Fr.] point d'orgue; [Ger.] Fermate; [It.] fermata or [It.] pause or [It.] corona; [Sp.] fermata or [Sp.] calderon or [Sp.] corona.A general category of performance marks that includes the fermata (or hold), the generalpause (from the German Grosse Pause), the long pause (from the Italian lunga pausa, the breath mark (or [Fr.] pauses, [Ger.] pauses, [It.] pause, and the caesura (or railroad tracks).[Ger.] A breath mark marking in the composition (notated by an apostrophe above the staff) to indicate a break in the musical line to allow the performer to breathe.[Fr.] The French term for whole rest (see image below).See also [Am.] Whole rest,[Br.] Semibreve rest,[Ger.] Ganze Pause, [It.] Pausa di semibreve,[Sp.] Pausas de Redonda.a sign used in musical notation meaning that the note or rest so marked must be held longer than normal-how long is usually decided by the performer<br><br>The button or control mode where the tape machine is paused but with the drive mechanism ready for an instant start.

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