Roman numeral analysis


In the theoretical analysis of music, Roman Numerals are employed to indicate the chord within the tonality of the composition. The Roman Numerals are placed under the staff inline with the chord in question. In Tertian Harmonic System of Western Music ( harmony based on thirds), chords symbols represent the first, third, and fifth notes of the tonality. The one ( I) chord always represents the tonality of the composition.In C major, a progression of I -IV V7 -I would be the following notes:I=C -E -GIV=F -A -CV7=G -B -D -F (notice that here is added the 7th note of the scale)I=C -E G Table of Roman NumeralsMajor NumeralsMinor NumeralsITonicIISupertonicIIIMediantIVSubdominantVDominantVISubmediant - SuperdominantVIILeading Note - Subtonic iToniciiSupertoniciiiMediantivSubdominantvDominantviSubmediant - SuperdominantviiLeading Note - Subtonic