Single paradiddle


A standard drum rudiment in the category of diddle rudiments. A single paradiddle (also known as paradiddle) is a special sticking pattern that alternates between left and right hand strokes to perform the rhythm. It is characterized by the use of a double stroke, or the use of two stroke with one drumstick among the other strokes that normally alternate drumsticks.It is one of the standard drum rudiments that are usually first taught while learning how to play the snare drum and later applied to the whole drum kit especially during fills. The sticking pattern shown below is the accepted method of producing a single paradiddle (or paradiddle). Single Paradiddle There are three variations on the single paradiddle. The sticking patterns are written where " L" represents the left hand stroke and " R" the right hand stroke.Single Paradiddle Variations Rudiment Sticking Pattern Single paradiddle RLRR LRLL Rudiment Variations Reverse single paradiddle RRLR LLRL Inward single (or 'inverted') paradiddle RLLR LRRL Outward single paradiddle RLRL LRLR