Symphonic band


An American term for a wind ensemble that includes some percussion and occasionally strings. It may be considered the American counterpart of the European military band. The modern concert band or symphonic band may include:WOODWINDSBRASSPERCUSSIONPiccoloFlutesOboesEnglish horn *Eb Clarinets *BbClarinetsAlto ClarinetBass ClarinetContrabass Clarinet *Alto SaxophonesTenor SaxophonesBaritone SaxophoneBassoonsContrabassoonHornsCornetsTrumpetsFlugelhorns *TrombonesBaritone hornsEuphoniumsTubaBass DrumSnare DrumCrash CymbalsTympaniTuned PercussionUntuned PercussionAuxiliary PercussionHarp *String Bass *Piano ** This is an instrument not always found in a typical symphonic band. Occasionally parts are written for these instruments and the large amateur or professional symphonic band will try to be faithful to the composer's wishes.