The speed of the rhythm of a composition. Tempo is measured according to beats per minute. A very fast tempo, prestissimo, has between 200 and 208 beats per minute, presto has 168 to 200 beats per minute, allegro has between 120 and 168 beats per minute, moderato has 108 to 120 beats per minute, andante has 76 to 108, adagio has 66 to 76, larghetto has 60 to 66, and largo, the slowest tempo, has 40 to 60. means the speed at which a piece of music is played. sometimes the exact tempo is given at the beginning of a piece of music with the number of beats to a minute, as measured by a metronome. More often tempo indications give the performer more latitude, although the Hungarian composer Bela Bartok, for example, gives exact timings, often of each section of a work. in much earlier music the tempo is implicit in the notation or in the type of music.<br><br>The speed of the rhythm or song.<br><br>The rate of speed of a musical composition.<br><br>The speed of the beat in music. Tempo may be expressed in general terms (slow, fast, warp-speed) or in beats per minute<br><br>The rate at which the music moves measured in Beats Per Minute (how many steady even pulses there are in the music per minute).