An interval consisting of two semitones, that is a whole step.The particular sound of an instrument or voice, as well as the performer's particular coloring of that sound. For example, the tone produced by a certain clarinetist could be said to be rich, dark, and mellow; this is the result of the natural sound of the instrument, combined with the performer's particular technique of playing.1. A musical sound of definite pitch. 2. The quality of a musical sound.<br><br>A sound having a definite pitch, quality, volume and duration. In a piano, tone is the result of a scale design, action functioning and selection and processing of materials.<br><br>A musical sound of definite pitch<br><br>1) One of several single-frequency signals at the beginning of a tape reel at the magnetic reference level that will be used to record the program. 2) Any single-frequency signal or sound. 3) The sound quality of an instrument's sound relative to the amount of energy present at different frequencies. 4) In some synthesizers, a term meaning the audio signal that will be put out by the unit which would be similar to the sound of an instrument.