A bowed stringed instrument of soprano range. The modern violin has four strings tuned to g, d' , a' , and e'' and a range of G below middle C to E two octaves above the treble clef. The violin is one of the most popular orchestral instruments, and has been since the Classical era. It is an extremely versatile instrument and is capable of a wide range of expression and intensity. All the descendants of the viola da braccio family ( i.e., the violin, viola, and violoncello) have four strings, and are played with a bow. The back and belly of the instruments are slightly bulged, the soundholes are "f " shaped, they are fretless, the bodies are longer than the necks, and the fingerboards extend down far over the bodies.A bowed instrument with four strings, is used to provide the soprano and alto parts in the string section of the modern orchestra and the string quartet. It was developed in something approaching its modern form in the 16th century, gradually coming to occupy an unrivalled position because of it's remarkable acoustical properties and its versatility. particular distinction was added by the great violin-makers of northern Italy and of the Austrian Tyrol, while the later 18th century brought gradual changes of construction of both bow and instrument to provide greater resonance.

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