Wind ensemble


An instrumental ensemble consisting of woodwind, brass and percussion instruments. The wind ensemble is virtually identical to the American Symphonic Band and the European military band. The instrumentation may include:WOODWINDSBRASSPERCUSSIONPiccoloFlutesOboesEnglish horn *Eb Clarinets *BbClarinetsAlto ClarinetBass ClarinetContrabass Clarinet *Alto SaxophonesTenor SaxophonesBaritone SaxophoneBassoonsContrabassoonHornsCornetsTrumpetsFlugelhorns *TrombonesBaritone hornsEuphoniumsTubaBass DrumSnare DrumCrash CymbalsTimpaniPitched PercussionUnpitched PercussionHarp *Double Bass *Piano ** This is an instrument not always found in a typical wind ensemble. Occasionally parts are written for these instruments and the large amateur or professional wind ensemble will try to be faithful to the composer's wishes.